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Emancipation - EP

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A duo of this capacity is not something you just come by every now and then. What this duo brings is a different angle to electronica and pop music as we know it. While the sound is mainstream it is still hard to categorize their music, as Vivid Suspense constantly seek to push the boundaries of both modern pop and rock. Lyrically they always try to attack melancholy with a mysterious and not always obvious sense of humour.

The Danish duo has finished their forthcoming début album Beside Myself, which will see its release in the beginning of 2006. The album offers the listener a fresh, varying, and new experience in sound. Lyrically the album deals with subjects as love, frustration, loss, and self-perception. This can of course sound mundane but it never is when served by Vivid Suspense.

The Yazoo (Yaz in the US) cult classic Winter Kills is the only cover track featured on the album. Originally it was made for the 2001 US Tribute to Yazoo compilation Nobody's Diary but the sound fit nicely into the palette of songs presented on the album. Beside Myself is produced by Vivid Suspense and Brian Belloni and mastered by Thomas Wind (sometimes credited as Flouvio), who also is the former musical partner of remix wizard Funkstar De Luxe.

Vivid Suspense have just finished making a video for their single Emancipation. The video features the two Danish film stars Dejan Cukic (Nikolaj and Julie, In China They Eat Dogs) and Baard Owe (At the Faber, The Kingdom, The Kingdom II, Europa). The video was directed by film director Sohail A. Hassan (Joystick Nation) and takes place in a hospital. The video is unlike many of the videos we see today, so be prepared for something quite different… something that may even shake you to the bone.

Now, it is time for the world to get rocked in a different way.

Hakim - Vocals
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Xenon - Electronics
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